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Vanishing Court, Lakeside: Harpuia's condo

Maybe it hadn't been the best time to leave the Townhouse. He'd said as much, when his father was gently but inescapably taking him by the arm and guiding him towards the door, after spending a handful of methodical hours knitting together the furrows down shoulder and chest left by Zero -- by Axl's -- talons.

But there was no arguing with his father in the end; Harpuia filed his report, and left a fresh notation of his address and comm-contacts should he need to be contacted -- or another Hunter need to drop by and collect him for the inquiry into the incident.

He'd refused to come home; though he could easily have ordered his son to cooperate -- or sent Zero to do so -- X had sighed, and shaken his head, and agreed to let Harpuia try to sort things out on his own.

"But I'm dropping by again after it all calms down -- and if you're still a wreck, home you come. No arguments, my lad!"

But no matter how much he wanted to just crawl into a deep hole and pull it in after himself, Harpuia still had his duty to perform in Reality Vanish before he could flit home.

... I sent someone to his death. I can't run away now, with that hanging over me --

And with our X in such a state. I can't leave now.

And -- Axl. ... Did the Zero with me know him? Why did he act the way he did? What about that younger-looking X ...?

... I can't believe I said what I did.

But it was the truth, what else could I do?

Tired of pacing the length of his balcony, Harpuia sank down against the corner of the railing and drew one knee up to rest his chin on it, wings shivering behind him and chining against the slender metal rails.

It was too much to deal with at once; and time never did make this part of the job any easier ...


wind sage

May 2008

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