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armour :: Harpy

A meeting of minds: Harpuia's condo

In the wee hours of the morning, two shaggy-headed Hunters -- more or less -- were sprawled on a couch and a loveseat, deep in conferral.

[... Interesting.]

Any time X only had one word to comment on anything, it was either a good thing or a very bad thing. And as Harpuia completed his streaming of the past evening's memories and the emotions that accompanied them, he was entirely convinced it would be the latter.

[And you met my younger self first?]

The question was tinged with thoughtful curiosity; Harpuia nodded, sighing, and raked a hand through his hair as he responded.

[Yes; I gave that to you first, when I explained my impressions of the situation. He really does seem -- almost controlled by this Dr. William, but I can't put my finger on exactly how other than that it's likely psychological ...]

[Which is poor form, I know, but it's still there.]

[No. I'd be inclined to agree. He's focused, uncannily so, on putting this William before himself -- though that little reaching-out to you before they left is encouraging. *musing*]

That first meeting -- shared, mulled over, and just short of delicately analyzed to death -- was something X was willing to let slide for the moment in favour of debating over the good Doctor William.

Unfortunately Harpuia was less inclined; wings now quivering with irritation and snagging once or twice in the throw-rug on the back of the loveseat, he sent a burst of self-incrimination to his father.

[Damn my eyes. I shouldn't have warned him off the Test. If he were granted full rights charges could be pressed the moment there was clear reason and opportunity --]

[Charges may well still be pressed by you, Harpuia. And let us not forget that that Test is an atrocity, mm?]

X's humourous tone had something of a bitter mental tang to it.

[... And the lad would seem unlikely to make such a step of his own accord, regardless. That little detail caught my eye, oh yes indeed ... But tell me, what do you think of this Dr. William?]

[*impression:snake* He's devious. No I don't have proof at the moment, but I have the feeling about the situation ...]

[He's arrogant: scientific arrogance, and the arrogance of someone who believes that they have seen it all and have more experience than any, and therefore know better than any. He's dismissive of us and our status as people; you saw, heard his phrasings. 'Constructed', 'replicant android', a credit to my maker instead of to myself -- more object than person.]

[Which in turn makes me suspicious of his warm reaction to your other self's arrival -- especially considering his dismissing of that X's thoughts or opinions. And ... right now, in their minds or at least in their minds in the past, X was unique.]

[You know better better than any other, Father, what your own potential is.]

Harpuia paused, leaking uncertainty in his thoughts and posture. With a shake of his head and a wry, rather grim smile, X gestured for his son to continue.

[And -- the way he guards his expression. He's hiding something, but not perfectly. His eyes give him away and I'm convinced there's a foul thing lurking behind them -- but I can't prove it. Not yet.]

[But the look in his eyes reminds me of the fanatics that created the Euthanatos Virus.]

X did not bother to conceal his sudden intake of breath, or the stab of alarm in his thoughts; but both were soon overtaken by wry amusement and approval.

[So you called me in, eh? Clever, my lad; thinking to kill two birds with one stone.]

[*embarrassed* Well, yes. You might well help them come up with an answer and determine whether Reality Vanish is the remnants of their world -- and not only might your presence bolster your younger self, you differ enough from him that your very presence might lure William into revealing himself a little more.]

[I don't think X should be with him, not like that; and while it's definitely meddling --]

[No, Harpuia. 'All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing'. And the little evils deserve as much concern as the greater.]

[I'm glad you contacted me for this, you know; interference for the good, and an escape from the new Symposium all in one neat package ~ *evil cheer*]

With a grin, X got up from his seat on the couch and leaned over the loveseat to tug at his son's hair, causing Harpuia to yelp and flutter before inching away just enough to pretend to regain his dignity.

Then he fixed a flat gaze on his father's face.

[There is one thing, Father.]

[*curiosity* Mm?]

[If I don't hear from X -- or if I try to contact him and get nothing, or his commsystem is disabled or changed -- I think we can safely say it's time to intervene with all due prejudice.]

X's expression immediately turned grim, green eyes gleaming ominously as his demeanour changed completely.

[Oh yes, my lad. You may want to test that little notion periodically and within due time -- and keep your Hunter friends, and us, well up to date, won't you?]


wind sage

May 2008

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