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armour :: talons

Harpuia's condo

That bastard. That insufferable, domineering bastard!

Long into the night, Harpuia paced and snarled and lashed his wings, too furious to think coherently. First had been overhearing the exchange between Signas and Techno -- and then there was his own confrontation with Signas. There had been simply no way, no possibility that he could just let an opinion like that slide --

How can he think like that? Aside from being the two-faced bastard he is.

He has no right to control someone's existence like that --!

Harpuia continued on in the same vein for hours before he began to tire. Still angry, he all but threw himself at one of the consoles in his den and logged a report of the entire events as he knew them. Sending the data off to his own organization, he leaned back in his seat and hissed out a sigh of angry frustration.

He was still there an hour later, when a taloned hand closed over his shoulder.

Glancing up quickly, he met the slitted eyes of Zero -- his Zero -- and took in the gritted fangs, the bound-up mane of blonde curls and the pair of archaic swords; but he wasn't given the chance to question the "lion's" arrival.

[Come with me, Wind-Sage.]

[I'm beating the bile out of you out at the lake -- and then you're telling me everything.]


wind sage

May 2008

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