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May. 6th, 2008

armour :: talons

Harpuia's condo

That bastard. That insufferable, domineering bastard!

Long into the night, Harpuia paced and snarled and lashed his wings, too furious to think coherently. First had been overhearing the exchange between Signas and Techno -- and then there was his own confrontation with Signas. There had been simply no way, no possibility that he could just let an opinion like that slide --

How can he think like that? Aside from being the two-faced bastard he is.

He has no right to control someone's existence like that --!

Harpuia continued on in the same vein for hours before he began to tire. Still angry, he all but threw himself at one of the consoles in his den and logged a report of the entire events as he knew them. Sending the data off to his own organization, he leaned back in his seat and hissed out a sigh of angry frustration.

He was still there an hour later, when a taloned hand closed over his shoulder.

Glancing up quickly, he met the slitted eyes of Zero -- his Zero -- and took in the gritted fangs, the bound-up mane of blonde curls and the pair of archaic swords; but he wasn't given the chance to question the "lion's" arrival.

[Come with me, Wind-Sage.]

[I'm beating the bile out of you out at the lake -- and then you're telling me everything.]

Apr. 21st, 2008

armour :: Harpy

A meeting of minds: Harpuia's condo

In the wee hours of the morning, two shaggy-headed Hunters -- more or less -- were sprawled on a couch and a loveseat, deep in conferral.

[... Interesting.]Collapse )

Oct. 16th, 2007


Vanishing Court, Lakeside: Harpuia's condo

Maybe it hadn't been the best time to leave the Townhouse. He'd said as much, when his father was gently but inescapably taking him by the arm and guiding him towards the door, after spending a handful of methodical hours knitting together the furrows down shoulder and chest left by Zero -- by Axl's -- talons.

But there was no arguing with his father in the end; Harpuia filed his report, and left a fresh notation of his address and comm-contacts should he need to be contacted -- or another Hunter need to drop by and collect him for the inquiry into the incident.

He'd refused to come home; though he could easily have ordered his son to cooperate -- or sent Zero to do so -- X had sighed, and shaken his head, and agreed to let Harpuia try to sort things out on his own.

"But I'm dropping by again after it all calms down -- and if you're still a wreck, home you come. No arguments, my lad!"

But no matter how much he wanted to just crawl into a deep hole and pull it in after himself, Harpuia still had his duty to perform in Reality Vanish before he could flit home.

... I sent someone to his death. I can't run away now, with that hanging over me --

And with our X in such a state. I can't leave now.

And -- Axl. ... Did the Zero with me know him? Why did he act the way he did? What about that younger-looking X ...?

... I can't believe I said what I did.

But it was the truth, what else could I do?

Tired of pacing the length of his balcony, Harpuia sank down against the corner of the railing and drew one knee up to rest his chin on it, wings shivering behind him and chining against the slender metal rails.

It was too much to deal with at once; and time never did make this part of the job any easier ...

Sep. 1st, 2007


OOC: more armour references

So I've been editing ...

For a better look at Harpuia's monstrous carapace, click here --


Mar. 4th, 2007


Drifting, drifting ...

Harpuia half-leaned, half-hung over the balcony of the apartment he'd acquired, and stared down at the street below, the small park across the way. His wings were spread limply against the balcony-railing, shining white and dull jade in the mix of moonlight and glow from the streetlamps.

It's not as if I need fear falling, as if my body needs to fear falling --

He closed his eyes, and the metal rail pealed softly as his wings shivered against it.

First, was the move itself; the rising stress after his one foray to the Nexus, with Leviathan's boyfriend and feeling likely to be in the way -- and then with whatever had happened that had been so horrible and involved someone not from Reality Vanish, had prompted the move to his own apartment. That, compounded with meeting Axl -- another Axl -- and linking up with the RV Hunters in the middle of so much chaos ...

I'm doing what I should be doing. It's all been noted down, even.

Why does it have to be to damned hard?

And now Leviathan was gone altogether, with no explanation and no word. The only other option was to try to contact her directly --

Should I?

... I'm here, and I have to start again. Now.

I'm a fool.

He'd be laughing himself sick.

Jan. 27th, 2007

wind sage

"Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream ..."

Harpuia shuddered awake with a low moan escaping.

The moment, alas, was rather marred by the utter disorientation -- "Who --?" -- and then the creeping notion of horror curled around him. As if the sudden ... moment .. with Leviathan were not enough --

A mild shiver of aftershock crept up on him, which revealed both his utter state of disarray -- wings entangled in the bedclothes -- and the definite need to get out of the bed. And deal with a ... few different things.

It took longer than he liked to get untangled; the resulting mess only underscored his embarrassed and slightly frantic plans.

First, the sheets into a hamper, to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Then, into the shower -- a damned cold shower -- and stern reminders to himself to not think about what just happened ...

Dec. 31st, 2006

wind sage

(no subject)

Having woken from a shockingly lengthy bout of sleep -- or unconsciousness, whichever way one wants to look at it -- Harpuia spent his first waking hour or thereabouts feeling disoriented, and a little confused. It took a bit of time for the memory of meeting Leviathan, and accompanying her home, had filtered back in; until it had, he'd been wing-shivering and tense, shaking off the remnants of barely-remembered nightmares.

I slept myself out. When was the last time I managed to do that?

Can't remember. Gaah.

Afterwards he was wryly amused at his own reactions, and prepared to crawl out of bed and dig through his luggage -- subspace was a joy, truly -- in preparation for a shower.

He made a mental note to thank his sister-not-sister again at the first opportunity. Til then, first shower, then preparing dinner for them both.

I should ask if there are Hunters or Guardians or such here. Later.

Dec. 18th, 2006

wind sage

(OOC: bio, thank god ...)

Finally got the damn thing put together.

It barely scrapes the background that's trying to assemble itself ...