Storm of Jade

~ wind drives away the fog ~

Kensyou Harpuia
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- Basic Information -

Character Name: Harpuia, Kensyou Harpuia, XG-004, Wind-Sage

Character Type:

Place of Origin: Nominally Rockman Zero-series. Harpuia in fact hails from the year 2355 of the Rockman X alternate universe deusexmachina; the Maverick War – though no longer called that – is ongoing, and there are no inklings as of yet of cyberelves, Elfwars, or the events of Zero-series. His world is extant, and time continues to progress normally there.

Armored Description: When prepared for combat, Harpuia is almost completely encased in highly articulated armour of deep jade-green and white, picked out with brassy detailing. This carapace features clawed gauntlets, spurs, and shield-like shoulder pauldron as well as articulated wings that allow for swift and highly-maneuverable flight and an instant-recall system. Harpuia wears a crested headpiece instead of a helm, its “horns” studded with auxilary sensor-arrays and wireless transcievers.

His normal armaments are a matched pair of rose beam-sabres, and in a pinch he is a fair hand-to-hand combatant (using claws and spurs). Despite being derived from X's core and design, Harpuia's buster system is vestigial at best, serving more as an energy-source for his elemental attacks:

Sonic Beam: an arc of electrically-charged plasma, launched from one or both of the sabres

Plasma Bite: one or more spheres of electricity, capable of locking onto and tracking targets

Thunder Prison: a paralyzing web of electrified plasma; cagelike, Harpuia often drives opponents into the Prison with cyclones or backdrafts generated by his wings

If pressed Harpuia can electrify his claws for further damage in hand-to-hand combat. All uses of elemental attacks drain his reserves.

Unarmored Description: When not in armour Harpuia resembles a youngish, mature human male, with a slightly dusky complexion, silver-white hair that falls shaggily past his shoulders, and brilliant jade-green eyes. Each cheek is marked with a matching green arrowhead; he is otherwise unscarred. Not counting his hair, he is roughly 5'7”.

In casual moods Harpuia has a preference for either sleeveless shirts or thick fuzzy sweaters, either being worn with simple slacks. Though he is also winged while unarmoured, these wings are smaller, retractable, and certainly not meant for extremely long-range travel by any means. Hovering is easier, however, due to the lesser mass.

- History and Personality -

Passing for Human: Unarmoured – and excluding his winglets, which are enameled jade and white and obviously mechanical – Harpuia can readily pass for an exotic example of humanity. He is biosculpted with all human details, is fully functional (unless one counts the ability to sire offspring), and possesses both a reasonable breathing-rate and a heartbeat. His body temperature is perhaps a few degrees higher than human normal – higher still at his “pulses” -- and if his eyes are studied closely one might spot the lenses shifting.

Harpuia can sustain himself on various mundane energy-sources as well as organic supplements and human food (though his appetite would be considered immense by human standards). However, his internal systems produce only liquid wastes; solid impurities are instead shunted to his powercore.

Backstory: As reploids continued to slowly push towards the notion of self-government or at least equal government (as in Giga City), the Hunters organization found itself needing to keep watch over not only “true” Maverick activity – the violent or subversive actions of reploids that threatened humanity – but those reploids who close to act against their own kind just as violently. This press to broaden their scope has, by Harpuia's present day, forged the Hunters into much more of a politico-paramilitary branch of the Federation than a collection of what were essentially vigilantes operating under government sanction.

At the same time that these developments were occurring, X made the decision to fall back to semi-active duty at best. Choosing to focus on the continuing restoration of the planet and its world-culture, he nonetheless remained on-call for major catastrophes – and within the first few decades of his decision to turn his interests to research and meddling behind the scenes, his children proved themselves formidable Hunters in their own right.

The last and youngest – a fact he's still reminded of, despite being just over a century old – of the so-called Guardians, Harpuia was designed and 'hatched' towards the middle of the Twenty-Third Century. After an initial period of orientation (and a blitzkrieg of literally decades-worth of study in biosciences, bioengineering, and environmental studies), Harpuia indulged in a brief foray into political sciences before stepping up to the plate with his siblings to fill the void that X left behind. He has served as a unit commander, special operations and reconnaissance officer as well as a trainer; after some seventy decades in the Hunters, Harpuia has become something of a diplomatic, military-minded jack-of-all-trades. Unlike his siblings, however – especially Phantom – he has seldom led a Hunter unit for longer than a few years at a time.

Having most recently dealt with the twin catastrophes of the Euthanatos Virus – actually a human-created nanite “plague” designed to break down reploid DNA cores – and the third resurgence of Druaga (now hopefully contained within the Hunters' main facility, as they search for whatever shred of Axl may still exist), Harpuia is tired, stressed, and requiring vacation-time he's not at all willing to accept. Thus, he has been sent on leave cleverly disguised as a series of “recon missions” by his canny father: X and a cadre of Hunter researchers have recently designed a controlled teleporter-breach they call a “worldgate” by experimenting with extant teleporter technology. As a senior Hunter officer with experience in recon, strategy and a certain amount of diplomacy, Harpuia has been dispatched as an advance scout of sorts. And if, when he returns, all is well, he'll be sent out again ... and again, til X deems his youngest has worked off his anxieties.

Personality in a Nutshell: For someone immersed in conflict for the majority of his long life, Harpuia is surprisingly well-adjusted (when not overworked). He possesses a lively – if sometimes a little too sharp or subtle – sense of humour, and has the wisdom to know when not to push a subject too far or too insistently. He loses patience quickly, however, with those who are too stubborn to try and improve their lot or make an effort towards a better circumstance for themselves or others. Or, as he has been known to mutter, “Stupidity makes me bitchy”.

Harpuia can come across as aloof, and his humour can sometimes be more harmful than he intends when he is overstressed or in a combat situation. For all his desire for a stable, benign world he is thrilled by combat; when not in battle, he prefers to follow procedure whenever possible and sometimes forgets to even try to relax when off-duty. He is patient and surprisingly gentle with those frightened or emotionally disturbed, having weathered shellshocked civilians – and an infuriated Zero – more times than he cares to admit.

[Harpuia is joined in the multiverse, so far, by: Gate (bedlams_clarity), X (endless_azure), Zero (wisdominblood), Phantom (spectral_dark), and Druaga / Axl (deathswiftwings) ... ]